Review of BIGBABYGUCCI – Iridesense

This review was written by Evan Jones. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Following an extremely active 2021, North Carolina’s own BIGBABYGUCCI has already released his first album of the year. Iridesense features vocals and production as colorful as its title would suggest, with the aid of collaborators Sapjer, Jackpott, glitterboy, and JoeDirt. 

Within the project, GUCCI addresses topics such as relationships, drug dependency, and newfound wealth. Despite the familiarity of these concepts, GUCCI manages to stand out from his peers with the help of his heavily autotuned vocals, hard hitting drums, and sharp synths that resemble those featured in many hyperpop songs. 

The project starts with the atmospheric and angelic “Fell out the Sky” featuring a catchy synth bass, ascending arpeggios and confident delivery from GUCCI, setting a perfect tone for the album. This is immediately followed by perhaps the strongest track on the project, “Robocop.” This track features BIGBABYGUCCI at his best, with an extremely catchy melodic hook paired with an instrumental that feels as mechanical as the track’s namesake. From this point forward, the album more or less maintains a similar level of quality and style with some variations such as the wavy ballad “Late Nite Lovers.” 

Overall, Iridescence is a strong start to 2022 for the 25-year-old rapper. With the release of this project and his inclusion on the Yokohama Tour with MadeinTYO & UnoTheActivist, it seems that this will be a big year for BIGBABYGUCCI.

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