Review & Interview: MOR on Spider-Tape and his upcoming EP

MOR is a YouTuber turned rapper. His music is lyrically impressive/introspective and utilizes hard, minimalistic beats. His music has that NYC feel; to see what I mean hear his newest project Spider-Tape Vol. 1, and keep an eye out for his upcoming EP SEASONS. I also highly recommend his “Nuthin But A ‘G’ Thing” remix.

What were your goals and mindset when making Spider-Tape, Vol. 1?

The goal with Spider-Tape was really about going more in depth and building off with my first project and showcasing the growth. I’m not a finished product in any way. I dove headfirst into music out of love. Learning as I went.

When writing serious songs like “Lost in the System” what’s your process and what inspires you?

The inspiration comes from my childhood and being a big fan of Spider-Man, in a way I related because I would go to school with a smile (mask) on my face when in reality I was going through a lot as a kid coming to a new country and adjusting with culture shock. The process with music in my opinion is spiritual. A lot of times the beat writes the songs in my experience. For “Lost In The System” I heard those bells, and instantly I could hear that melody. From there I just build it from my experiences in the system.

What made you decide to turn from a YouTuber to a rapper?

Being able to express in a way I could never express as a YouTuber playing video games. It was cool that people liked my personality, but that’s not something you’re remembered by. You’re remembered by who you are, what you stand for, and what you contribute. I knew I could contribute more through music than video games. Don’t get it twisted I’ll still kick some ass in 2K, Madden, or FIFA.

What can fans expect in SEASONED?

Man where do I start, you can expect almost an entire new artist with SEASONED. For one, instead of me doing the entire project (writing, producing, & concepts), I connected with a good friend and producer I met through YouTube strangely enough, in TICO. He’s got over 20 years of experience in music, and he’s one of the best creators/musicians I’ve ever met. My growth since connecting with him has been accelerated like crazy, and I’m excited to showcase what we got. Not just with SEASONED, but going forward period. We are in this for the long haul.

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