Review & Interview: JimmyHD – youKnowHeRap?

JimmyHD’s debut album youKnowHeRap? Is hard, skillful, thoughtful, and confident.

“PENTAGON” is a great example. His flows quick, the beat bangs, and the lyrics are fascinating. He connects biblical references with modern day police brutality against black people. The album also succeeds in showcasing JimmyHD’s range. “KIYÈ” is smooth, laid-back music that’s perfect for a late night cruise. Just listening to “SEGWAY” and “G.E.M.” shows how varied he his, completely different sounds, and yet the album feels cohesive. It’s a debut album in the purest sense; he’s introducing his abilities to listeners. I asked JimmyHD about what the album means to him, and he had this to say:

“Being my first project, I just wanted to make a lasting impression on it and do something not everyone is doing ATM. I chose the name youKnowHeRap? because often times back in high school, I didn’t even want people to know I rapped ‘cuz I was insecure about my rapping and production abilities back then. But sooner or later that feeling went away… I had all these songs gathered up and finally felt like I was able to let n****s know, youKnowHeRap?”

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