I’m a Business, Man: Rap Lyrics to Motivate You

Sometimes all you need to push yourself is just a healthy dose of motivational rap lyrics. To find some drive, take a look through these lines.  And if you’d like to hear them all and more, try this playlist:

I’m not a business man, I’m a business, man/

Let me handle my business, damn/

JAY Z on “Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix)”

Although I try to put people onto lesser-known artists, I thought I better include the lyric that inspired the post. Truth be told, I could probably make an entire list of lyrics like these from JAY Z and Kanye West alone. They’re both kings of confidence-boosting lines.

Think if I call it the great, the people gon’ call it the truth/

Ain’t really trip on the credit, I just paid all of my dues/

Nipsey Hussle on “Hussle & Motivate”

Nipsey is one of those artists who didn’t get their flowers while they could still smell them. While his last album did receive recognition, after he passed, it became clear just how much people loved his music. These lyrics show his ability to be both confident and humble, and his discography has many more as well.

I knew a pastor that got robbed for his Jesus piece/

Then showed up to church with his sis and niece/

Forget the beef, cuz I’ve been tryna reach my peak/

Malz Monday on “Better Way”

Malz Monday is an artist on the come up that we’re keeping an eye on. The album this is from showcases a great ear for beats, clever writing, and smooth flows. On “Better Way,” Malz reconciles the harshness of life with his drive for something better. Despite all the violence and obstacles, he’s pushing for his peak. Hopefully this inspires you as well.

I know I’ll be still getting to it if I wasn’t rapping/

Flipping real estate or anything to make it happen/

It’s not about your words boy it’s all about yo’ actions/

And you can make it too if you just listen to yo’ passion/

Klassic Kell & Korduroy Kash – “I.I.W.R”

More great gems from the underground. These lyrics from the song “I.I.W.R” show Klassic Kell’s determination to make a living and improve his life. Also, I don’t think I’ve never heard another rapper say that he’d be selling houses if he wasn’t rapping.

Lived in the palace but it was the pits in where I learned my biggest lessons/

I embrace difficulties, I see ‘em as a blessing/

Gerald Walter & The 7000 – “Laundry (feat. Monroe Flow)

You might know Gerald Walter through his connection to Stalley, but you should know him for his music. He’s a lovely writer with great storytelling and introspective lyrics. He also has an EP with The 7000 that we recommend checking out sometime.

For more great rap songs to help you get your head in the game, checkout the playlist. And if there’s any you think we should add, let us know in the comments! Looking for more music? Try out these Tasty Tracks—food-related hip-hop songs that are perfect for your next lunch break.

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