Chill Lo-fi Beats: The Best Channels to Help You Focus

1. Lofi Girl

This is the one you saw coming. There’s no doubt Lofi Girl has influenced how people use music to get work done. Did you know the creator of the channel even has their own indie record label? That’s right, much of the music on the stream is published through Lofi Records. Lofi Girl also has a handful of other live streams for lo-fi music, which you can find on their channel.


This channel also has a great lo-fi stream you can peep above. Plus, they’re always uploading really dope beat tapes from producers in the underground. If you’re looking for some beat tapes, checkout Zudo, Phlocalyst & Mr. Käfer, Sátyr, and more! Also, I’ve noticed they share a lot of work found on Beat Tape Co-Op and published by Radio Juicy (two more resources worth checking out).

3. Chillhop Music

Chillhop Music (along with their secondary channel Chillhop Raccoon) upload a lot of super relaxing jazzy lo-fi playlists. They also have some live streams, which are great if you like getting to see peoples’ live reactions to songs.

4. Little Soul

This channel has a tight collection of lo-fi playlists. Not only is the music great, but they have some super wholesome titles to their playlists. Get your work done or just relax with one these lovely collections.

5. Feardog

Feardog’s been uploading music for the past 4 years, and in that time they’ve created a goldmine of chillhop and jazzy lo-fi. I also like the look they’ve adopted in the past year, with cute icons and simple video names like “Ramen ~ Lofi Hip Hop Mix” and fictional characters like Cuppy (Cuppy ~ Lofi Hip Hop Mix).

Looking for more chill hip-hop? Try some of the tracks from our collections of underrated hip-hop songs from 2021 (pt 1, 2, and 3)!

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