Underrated Hip-Hop Songs from 2021: PART 2

Jaywop – Suede (feat. Livt)

The title track from Jaywop’s debut album, “Suede” is smooth, catchy, and bittersweet. He transports the listener. I can picture vividly the imagery of glass on the road and the suede sheets. I recommend checking out more Jaywop if you like Isaiah Rashad.

Just Adam – True Story

Just Adam gives me soulful Chicago vibes reminiscent of early Save Money artists like Chance the Rapper or affiliates such as Saba. His voice is coarse, his descriptions are immersive, and his messaging is hopeful. He also reminds me of Curren$y. He’s a great artist, and I’ve been rooting for him since his 2019 project  Buckets.

Michael Da Vinci & Lege Kale – Neverland

Michael is a Chicago artist you may recognize from TheHouse, a collective featuring him, YGTUT, ChrisP, Brian Brown, and Isaiah Rashad. Chattanooga, Tennessee has created some great rappers, and Michael is one of them. He’s catchy and comfortable with his loose flows and all around cool atmosphere.

Masego, Big Boi & JID – Garden Party

Big Boi from Outkast is obviously not underground, and JID has blown up in recent years too, but Masego is next up. Drake recently sampled his song “Navajo” and he’s been building a solid discography since 2016. This song is a great introduction to the uplifting horns and almost spooky sound his music can have. Plus, you get some killer features too.

Lute – Flossin’ (feat. WESTSIDE BOOGIE)

This whole album is so great. Lute hadn’t dropped an album since 2017, but the wait was worth it. This is one of the best Dreamville artists right now (and the competition is high). I love the happy feel to this song during the hook. And then his verses are less happy, and more introspective. You go from walking in the sunshine to contemplating in the late night. If you like this song, I strongly suggest checking out the full album. Also, shoutout to WESTSIDE BOOGIE (who’s now signed to Shady). He’s made great music for a long time and I’m glad to see it paying off

Oompa – AMEN (feat. Benji)

Oompa and Benji make a lovely duo on this song. Both are great upcomers and on this summery track they both sound like they’re having fun. This song is from Oompa’s second album. Also, Benji dropped his debut album this year, which is also pretty fun. Throw these on your party playlist and get ready for people to ask, “What song is this?!”

Wiki – All I Need (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)

Wiki was a member of the group RATKING and Earl was a member of Odd Future, but both have recently found new inspiration in the sLUms movement. This song goes great with white wine on a boat. If you like Alchemist, Madlib, or anyone from sLUms, check the album out.

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