For this week, I’m recommending DEEMA’s RAINBOW EP. DEEMA, age 20, is an upcoming rapper from the UK. With his newest release, RAINBOWS EP, the artist has proves he’s worth keeping an eye out for.

The songs have catchy flows and hooks, and he has a great ear for beats. For those of you who don’t love UK rappers, you might still enjoy him. His production is lush, upbeat and American-sounding. The drums have a live, grooving sound to them similar to the ones on Noname’s Room 25. Content wise, his raps are hopeful and personal. On “RAINBOW,” he raps about a lack of relations with his father and the fun he has despite this.

My favourite of the tracks is “MAMA, DON’T JUDGE ME.” He’s conscious without becoming overly-preachy. He switches between flows naturally. Throughout the song, he’s talking to his mom about the ups and downs of his life and reflecting. I have high hopes for how his songwriting abilities will grow from here.

You can checkout the EP on Spotify:

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